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Aboriginal Carbon Foundation


The vision of the AbCF is to catalyse life-changing, community prosperity through carbon farming. In doing this, our aim is to build wealth for Traditional Owners implementing carbon projects that demonstrate the environmental, social and cultural core benefits through the ethical trade of carbon credits.

To meet this vision, AbCF was established in 2010 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.  The founding Directors were Kumantjayi Tilmouth, David Ross and Allan Cooney. The primarily Aboriginal staff are passionate about working to build viable economies on Aboriginal lands and we are supported by a range of associates and project partners who are equally committed to supporting indigenous people.

In 2018 the AbCF established the Reducing Carbon Building Communities (RCBC) Fund Pty Ltd as their trading arm. The function of the RCBC Fund is to trade carbon credits with environmental, social and cultural values. The social values category rewards and encourages support for Native Title and Indigenous Land Use Agreements.

AbCF has a strong culture of innovation and collaboration, we take risks and invest in the development of carbon products and services that benefit Indigenous people and address climate change nationally and internationally.  AbCF openly seeks to collaborate with fellow Aboriginal organisations, carbon companies, non-government organisations (NGOs), conservation organisations, universities and government agencies.

AbCF operates on the cutting edge of ideas and community-based solutions. It brings together people with fresh ways of working, professional experience and a desire to achieve outcomes that tackle indigenous poverty and climate change through a strengths-based approach.

We have a national presence with offices in Alice Springs, Cairns and Sydney. We are a full member of industry peak body the Carbon Market Institute.


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